Start strong!

Start strong!

All too often we have to reiterate the importance of a good first impression.

Studies prove that the human mind creates a visual impression in mere split seconds, and this first perceived impression is what a person will use as a framework of reference to gauge a company by thereafter - often indefinitely.

This is why there is an increasing International awareness of the incredible power of branding. All brand-owners are ultimately fighting for the same attention from the same public for the same purpose - loyalty over competitors.

Here at FRESHMEDIA we have undertaken a strong stance to address this particular issue with each and every new project. Not only do companies have to work hard to gain new customers, but they have to work equally hard to maintain existing customers. A loyal customer forms part of your team and will contribute to your marketing efforts.

What can be done, and what should be done, to remain competitive? And how can we ensure that our clients get the most out of a positive impression from ther customers.

First impressions last!