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How Search Works

Why we need to optimise for Search Engines

Matt Cutts is the head of US Digital Services. Previously he was with Google's Search Quality and Search Engine Optimisation teams. This video provides simplistic insight into why continous SEO is needed for modern business to succeed online.

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What should you be getting from SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves a range of activities aimed at improving search engine rankings. SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages, display links to web pages that is considered relevant and authoritative around the keywords or search phrase you entered. At FRESHMEDIA, we offer assistance with up to 100 factors that may have bearing on your online marketing success. Here are some essential factors that should be in place...


Critical Keywords

Identifying keywords and using popular search phrases for your niche target market is essential in preparing your web site content for it's intended audience. Freshmedia assists with keyword research and SEO copywriting to make the necessary adjustments.


Content Qualification

Including the correct search keywords in the right places within your web site content, contributes to significance. While Content Marketing gains momentum, there can be no doubt as to it's authenticity in order to avoid a negative SEO score.


Errors & Mobile Responsiveness

The Search Engines process results based on a number of criteria. If a page does not conform to basic principles of good practice, preference will be given to sites that do. Reviewing and adjusting these practical issues are often overlooked.


Link building

Link building strategies increases the prominance of particular search phrases internally and externally for your web site. Constructive meassures to encourage other prominent sites to link to your content remains an essential aspect of improving your page rank.


Search Indexing

Your web site has to be listed, in order to be found. All the major Search Engines make tools available to allow webmasters to confirm that a web site is indexed correctly. This is an purposeful process and should be reviewed from time-to-time.



An active Web Analytics account offers the basic framework required to meassure and report on the quality and sources of web traffic particular to your web site and it's most prominent pages. Monitor & meassure important factors in order to make continous improvements.


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% Mobile only users


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Packages & Pricing.

To offer you the best possible results, we have created SEO packages to improve web site performance that may lead to better conversion rates. Review your options below, and contact us to prevent your web site from lagging behind.

SEO Checkup

R1 750*


  • Error Checking
  • Analytics Optimisation
  • Schedule Google Index
  • Audit Report
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SEO Headstart

R5 750*


  • Error Checking & Corrections
  • Keyword Proliferation
  • Optimise Page Speed
  • Audit Report
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SEO Marathon

R8 750*


  • Continuous SEO Improvement
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building
  • Ongoing Reporting
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* Terms & Conditions apply:
FRESHMEDIA will require access to your web site hosting environment, including administrative login details. This information will not be shared at any time. Each project will be evaluated on merit, and may be declined at our discretion. FRESHMEDIA cannot be held liable for any damages or technical complications that may result directly or indirectly from our access to your digital media. FRESHMEDIA SEO packages are optimised for and primarily aimed at Wordpress driven web sites, but can be applied to other platforms and/or technologies. These packages are limited to a specific series of tasks and actions. Any extended development work, or requirements outside of scope will be identified, and can be quoted for independently. E&OE.

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Every Search Engine user is a potential customer!
By engaging FRESHMEDIA with regards to your web site's SEO status and performance, we identify conversion objectives and maintain SEO strategies on your behalf. Improving conversion rates, should maximise your online pressence and contribute to your bottom line.

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