Branding, Creative, Technology and Digital Marketing

The behaviour and success of a brand greatly influences the success of the business it represents.

Brand Profile & Strategy

Conceptualising a new brand or evolving an existing one, requires a thorough understanding of its personality and character. Based on these insights a clear strategic approach can be devised in order to clearly communicate key brand values.

Logo & Identity

The level of quality associated with your brand is greatly determined by the confidence it instils. Potential customers gauge your company by the character presented within your brand. At Freshmedia we have developed a knack for capturing the essence of 'who' your company is, and projecting that message in visually stimulating manner.

Brand Application & Guideline

Consistency is crucial to promote a sense of stability and purpose with your customers. As part of each Identity design, we produce a handy manual - a quick start guide of how to use your brand to ensure the most desired outcome.

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Standing out from the crowd requires a fresh approach
— and a lot of new thinking about old ideas.


Start strong. A great idea is only as effective as one that is clearly communicated to the right audience, but we do need to stop and think about your objectives in order to get the creative juices going.

Website Design

A decade of experience in interface, usability, and user experiences design has taught us that web design is closer to industrial design than graphic art. It has to work well and perform well in order to be effective, as much as it may be visually pleasing.

Print & Promotional material

In offering a complete solution Freshmedia produces a range of traditional media solutions. The same message and same marketing principles need to be applicable across a wide variety of media. We love the freedom of classic publication design and enjoy seeing your marketing efforts succeed in the offline world too.

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Mastering technology may be much harder than understanding the changing landscape – we do both.

Web Development

Clean code improves productivity. We custom-code the initial template designs for the most control and implement it adhering to industry standards. Irrespective of the scope and complexity, we prefer each project to be unique and to be developed around business needs.

CMS Integration

Whether a project calls for advanced B2B management systems, customised e-commerce solutions, or standard content management according to specification, we handle the integration seamlessly and offer clients absolute control of their online business. We also partner with NETBOX Solutions for premium hosting solutions to ensure stability around critical data systems.

Mobile & Application

Business systems require specialized application development to ensure integration with different platforms and technologies. Web based applications, API layers, and mobile accessibility are important factors to consider when delivering solutions that can adapt to changing environments. User experience (UX) and customer journeys play an integral part in our development process.

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The word "digital" is becoming obsolete, even as new communication media appear and mature around us.

SEO & Search Marketing

While Search Engine Optimisation comes standard with all our projects, it has become critical to maintain a measure of SEO in order to ensure competitiveness. Keyword marketing and the continued application of promotional campaigns online requires a vigilant watch.

Social Media

All brands are 'social' by default. Applying, managing, and expanding social media activities has become fundamental in some industries. Freshmedia takes a strategic hand-holding approach in helping companies deal with practical approaches when using social media to strengthen brands and fulfill promotional campaigns.

Email & SMS campaigns

Email remains as a critical (and effective) means of communicating concepts and opportunities to a captured audience. As part of implementing campaigns or managing communications, Freshmedia supplies the technology and expertise to assist brand owners in reaching their target markets.

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